UNRWA 3MW Solar PV Power Project, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)
BACKGROUND TO THE PROJECT In accordance with the “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Law No. (13) of the year 2012”, Electric Power Wheeling projects are allowed. Under such a procedure, electricity generated by renewable energy is allowed to be developed by a consumer...
Situation On 18 May, a general strike called by the Higher Arab Monitoring Committee in Israel’s Arab communities called for took place throughout the West Bank, including East Jerusalem and in mixed-cities in Israel. A day of rage was also announced in the West Bank.
Situation On 20 May, one Palestine refugee from Umm Dar/Ya'bad died from injuries sustained on 17 May, during clashes. Four injuries from live ammunition were reported in Jenin, including two minors.
Food & NFI distribution in Yarmouk camp in April © 2021 UNRWA Photo
UNRWA conducts a humanitarian mission to Yarmouk camp On 1 April 2021, food baskets and non- food items were distributed to Palestine refugees living in Yarmouk. A total of 827 persons (about 243 households) beneted from the intervention, which was conducted while...
Displaced by airstrikes, a young child take shelter at the UNRWA Beach Elementary School, one of 59 shelters of its kind in Gaza. These UNRWA schools have been designated as shelters for more than 65,000 Palestinians in Gaza. 18 May 2021 © 2021 UNRWA Photo by Mohamed Hinnawi
Situation In the last 24hrs, a significant number of military strikes resulted in damage to the main water lines in Jabalia Camp and key road infrastructure around Gaza City.