Gaza Report - May 2022 high frequency crisis monitoring survey

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Socio-economic Situation of Palestine Refugees in the Gaza Strip
Crisis Monitoring Report – High Frequency Survey Results – May 2022

Survey Methodology
UNRWA has conducted the third round of its high frequency survey to monitor the socioeconomic situation of Palestine refugees in the Gaza Strip. As in the previous rounds, the survey sample was designed to provide representative estimates for a set of key indicators, such as poverty, consumption, food security, debts and remittances, housing, school attendance and employment.

A total of 800 households were randomly selected from UNRWA registration database. Data collection took place between 17 May and 26 May 2022 by 60 UNRWA relief workers. Out of the 800 selected households, 213 could not be reached or refused to be interviewed, yielding a final sample of 587 households.

The 587 interviewed households consist of 2,920 individuals, of whom 1,492 males and 1,428 females. About 48 per cent are under 19 years, 6 per cent are aged 60 years and above, and the remaining 46 per cent are in the age range 20-59 years

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 Gaza Report - May 2022 high frequency crisis monitoring survey