Profiling the vulnerability of Palestine refugees from Syria living in Lebanon

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The “Profiling vulnerability of Palestine refugees from Syria living in Lebanon” report is a multi-sectorial analysis of the vulnerability experienced by the Palestine Refugees from Syria [PRS] according to the following sectors: economic; education; food-security; health; protection; non-food items; shelter and water, sanitation and hygiene. It provides information on the living conditions of PRS to inform decision-making on programmatic activities. The survey is based on the VASyR [Vulnerability Assessment of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon] and adapted for UNRWA’s specific context. Data was collected from all recorded PRS in Lebanon through a household survey conducted by UNRWA in August 2014 [12,735 PRS families and 44,227 individuals at the time].

The report is accompanied by data-visualizations profiling increased dependency on cash-assistance and resulting negative coping mechanisms, as well as the risks and impacts of the lack of valid legal residency for PRS families in Lebanon. The infographics can be directly accessed through these links: In A State of Uncertainty & Running out Of Options.

Shelter of the Maashouk Hassan family in Tyre, southern Lebanon, 21 May 2014. © 2014 UNRWA Photo by Kate Brooks