Squandering Humanity: Socioeconomic Monitoring Report on Syria

28 May 2014

As part of an ongoing analysis to track and assess the impact of the armed-conflict on socioeconomic conditions and the lives of ordinary citizens in Syria during the current crisis, UNRWA and UNDP commissioned a series of quarterly reports from the Syrian Centre for Policy Research (SCPR). The report is the third in the series and covers the two quarterly periods from July-September and October-December 2013. The analysis and projection of SCPR indicate that:

The armed-conflict is squandering humanity through violence, fear and destruction that has inflicted multi-dimensional socioeconomic harm across all aspects of people’s lives, livelihoods and habitat from which few Syrian households have escaped unscathed.

With massive de-industrialisation, business closure and bankruptcy, capital flight, as well as widespread looting and destruction of business and household assets having already taken place during the course of the conflict, the armed-conflict has spawned institutional distortions emerging from a new political economy that is creating economies of violence that flout human rights, civil liberties, property rights and the rule of law. With new political and economic elites using national and international networks to illegally trade in weapons, commodities and people, while often engaged in pillage, theft, kidnapping and exploitation of humanitarian assistance. This institutional formation is incentivising the perpetuation of the conflict.

Squandering Humanity
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