Syria Palestine refugees humanitarian snapshot, September 2015

Monday, October 26, 2015

Yarmouk and Yalda: All UNRWA operations in Yarmouk remain suspended, with no missions possible during September. The last UNRWA mission inside Yarmouk took place on 28 March 2015. In September, UNRWA was permitted to conduct six missions to Yalda, where many Palestine refugees from Yarmouk have been displaced to. UNRWA was only permitted to provide medical services during these missions, as well as 600,000 water purifying tablets in response to a suspected outbreak of typhoid.

Husseiniyeh: So far, over 4,500 families have returned to Husseiniyeh, located south of Damascus, Eighty per cent of these are Palestine refugees. The gathering was formerly home to nearly 30,000 Palestine refugees and Syrians, and up to 300 families are reported to be returning every day, with urgent needs relating to repair of shelters and rehabilitation of utilities, including water, sewage and electricity networks. UNRWA has re-established core health and education services, with three schools, including two UNRWA schools, reopening on 13 September, accommodating over 2,700 students. A total of 3,600 food parcels, 3,600 hygiene kits, 3,000 jerry cans and 1,700 kitchen sets were distributed to returning families during the month.

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