syria: unrwa - humanitarian snapshot, september 2020

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Rapid Increase in Number of Confirmed Cases of COVID-19

As of 29 September, 4,102 cases (194 fatalities and 1,074 recovered) were confirmed by the Syrian Ministry of Health. The epidemiological situation in Syria seems to have rapidly evolved through widespread community transmission, as 92 per cent of the announced cases cannot be traced to a known source. The testing is low across Syria – 37,000 tests were performed in laboratories across the country as of 19 September – particularly in remote areas. It is therefore likely that the actual number of cases may far exceed official figures.

Fourteen Palestine refugees have tested positive and five refugees have died from COVID-19. Ten UNRWA staff have tested COVID-19 positive and six staff remain in quarantine.

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© 2020 UNRWA photo by Taghrid Mohammad