UNRWA ethics office annual report 2022

Friday, November 10, 2023

The present report provides an overview and assessment of the work of the Ethics Office in 2022, highlighting its role and key achievements in fostering an ethical culture within UNRWA.  

The Ethics Office has seen a substantial increase in services requested and provided, marking a 76% surge from 2021 to 2022. Requests for confidential advice alone increased by 40%. 

With COVID-19-related challenges easing and bolstered human resources, the Ethics Office has amplified its efforts to enhance ethical practices at UNRWA reaching 6,164 UNRWA personnel across all fields of operation through training and awareness-raising.  

Moreover, in 2022, the Ethics Office achieved two significant milestones: the finalization of the new Code of Ethics and the update of the Protection against Retaliation policy.  

The Ethics Office will build on these achievements in the coming year and is committed to continue advancing the ethical culture within UNRWA.  

Ethics is a matter of everyone.  

UNRWA ethics office annual report 2022