UNRWA Situation Report #1 on the Gaza Strip

Thursday, May 11, 2023

11 May 2023, 1600hrs

  • UNRWA essential services relating to food distribution, health services, sanitation services, solid waste transfer to landfills and water wells are ongoing. All UNRWA schools remain closed.
  • All 22 health clinics are open without any significant problems.
  • Nearly half of total Health staff attended to their work, medical supplies are available .
  • The following services are provided: Maternal Health Care, Child Health Care, Non-Communicable Diseases, Outpatient, and emergency Dental Services.
  • Telemedicine services are available.
  • The sanitation services continued at all camps through collecting and transferring solid waste from refugee camps to the identified landfills.
  • The water supply service is functioning through UNRWA water wells at Jabalia, Khan Younis and Rafah camps.
  • All UNRWA schools are closed.
  • 1,397 families/ 6,949 people received their food assistance in the following Distribution Centers: Khan Younis Bani Suhaila and Khan Younis Training Centre, Rafah West, and Gaza Tuffah.
  • 143 people received psychological first aid over the phone and another two in person.
  • Since yesterday, 108 phone calls were received through the helplines, most of these requests related to registration and food assistance. 
  • Security guards and school attendants continue working 24/7.
  • Community engagement including through social media is ongoing with information and updates on our services and operations continued.



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UNRWA Situation Report #1 on the situation in the Gaza Strip