UNRWA Situation Report #3 On The Gaza Strip

Saturday, May 13, 2023

13 May 2023 17:00 hrs​

  • The general situation remains very tense in the Gaza Strip as the escalation continues. Movement is limited while the markets are open. 
  • The Ministry of Health in Gaza reported 33 people killed to date. This includes six children and three women. UNRWA verified that among those killed, at least 15 were Palestine Refugees. At least 147 people were injured since the escalation started on 9 May. 
  • Key crossing points (Erez and Kerem Shalom) remain closed in both directions for five consecutive days. This is impacting the movement of humanitarian staff and essential supplies, including fuel availability for public utilities. 
  • All UNRWA 22 health clinics are open today. The number of attending staff is half of the normal workforce, with nearly half of the pre-escalation number of patients. 
  • Medical supplies are available at all HCs. UNRWA is providing Maternal Health Care, Child Health Care, Non-Communicable Diseases, Outpatient, emergency dental services, and remote follow up of the appointed Antenatal cases.
  • Toll free calls/telecommunication services to support health care have increased by 200 per cent since the escalation started on 9 May. 
  • Consultation is ongoing with UNRWA contracted hospitals to support maternal health. 
  • The sanitation services continued today at all camps through collecting and transferring 380 tons of solid waste from refugee camps to landfills as per emergency arrangements.
  • The water supply service is functioning through UNRWA water wells at Jabalia, Khan Younis and Rafah camps.  
  • E-UNRWA registration received 13 registration applications. 
  • UNRWA delivered food assistance to 1,423 families (7,092 people) in Khan Younis Bani Suhaila and KYTC, Rafah West, and Gaza Tuffah distribution centres. 
  • Phone calls through the help line continued with most requests related to food assistance. UNRWA has 51 front line staff operating those helplines. 
  • Three families reported stress related problems. The psychosocial team is following up.
  • The UNRWA logistics transportation division supported UNRWA front line workers through drivers and means of transportation and the distribution of medical supplies and fuel.  
  • Flour (291 metric tons) was delivered to the UNRWA Rafah Log Base and issued to distribution centres in Rafah west, Bani Suhaila, and Khan Younis Training Centre  
  • All UNRWA schools remain closed. “Education in Emergency” programme was activated today to provide education via remote learning through the UNRWA Digital Learning Platform. To date, the platform has registered at least 60,000. The number of users is likely to increase. 
  • UNRWA security teams continue to operate 24/7 to support operations and service delivery. 
  • Information to the communities on UNRWA services continued to flow on UNRWA social media and other digital platforms. 



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UNRWA Situation Report #3 On The Gaza Strip