UNRWA Syria earthquake response Situation report #26 - 11 May 2023

Monday, May 15, 2023

Situation Overview

Three months after a series of devastating earthquakes rocked Northern parts of Syria and Turkey, affected Palestine refugees forge ahead with their lives amid uncertainties. Although UNRWA and partners continue to provide emergency assistance month on month with funding support from a wide range of funders, the assistance remain targeted to critical vulnerable families, damaged houses remain largely unrepaired and the trauma of the disaster will take time to heal. To date UNRWA have received about 34% of the required funding, while another 36% was pledged. More funding is required to repair damaged houses and installations so that affected refugees live in dignified conditions.

UNRWA staff held a one-day workshop on 3 May to review progress of the earthquake response, identify priorities and plan forward as the 6 months long flash appeal reached its midpoint. A virtual meeting was also held with donors on 9 May to brief them of the situation and share needs. In addition, UNRWA have launched a real time review of the earthquake response to reflect on our response to the devastating earthquake and provide real time feedback to inform the next phase of the response. A 3-member review team comprising members from UNRWA’s Headquarters in Amman, Lebanon Field Office and Syria’s Programme Support Office will conduct the review. Initial review findings are expected in early June 2023.

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UNRWA Syria earthquake response Situation report #26 - 11 May 2023