unrwa: syria - humanitarian snapshot, january & february 2022

Thursday, April 14, 2022

UNRWA launches 2022 Syria Regional Emergency Appeal

On 20th January 2022, UNRWA officially launched its 2022 Emergency Appeal for Syria, Lebanon and Jordan during a virtual event hosting participants from donor and partner delegations. The protracted consequences of the Syria crisis, coupled with the socio-economic deterioration in Lebanon and Syria and the impacts of COVID-19, continue to pose grave humanitarian challenges to Palestine refugees. In order to respond to emerging needs, the 2022 Emergency Appeal will ensure the provision of humanitarian assistance for basic needs for 420,000 eligible Palestine refugees in Syria through multi-sectoral interventions including cash assistance, food and non-food items distribution, emergency health, education, technical and vocational training, environmental health services and protection, and strengthen its efforts to foster the resilience of communities providing increased dignified livelihood opportunities. UNRWA also plans to rehabilitate some of its programme installations in Yarmouk, Ein elTal and Dera’a camps as part of the emergency appeal. Total emergency funding requirement for Syria for the year 2022 is US$ 232 million.
Transportation to students to go to UNRWA schools outside Yarmouk camp. © 2022 UNRWA Photo