unrwa: syria - humanitarian snapshot, september & october 2022

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Humanitarian Assistance by UNRWA Continues in Yarmouk, Ein el-Tal camps and Aleppo

UNRWA continued to conduct humanitarian missions to Yarmouk, Ein el- Tal camps and Aleppo in September and October. Some 418 new returnees families(1,424 individuals) in Yarmouk received jerry cans and kitchen kits, while 1,124 families (3,983 individuals) received food baskets, sunflower oil and canned sardines as additional food items, and nonfood items such as blanket, mats and tarpaulin sheets. Some 129 families (471 individuals) in Ein el-Tal camp, and 990 families (2,391 individuals) in Aleppo received food baskets, sunflower oil, canned sardine, blankets and jerry cans to help them meet their basic needs.

ERW awareness-raising sessions in UNRWA schools to protect them and make change in their behaviour. © 2022 UNRWA Photo