In 2016, there were 31 refugee fatalities from a total of 102 Palestinians killed. Also, 376 refugees were injured in or around camps.
613 (38 per cent) of the 1,628 Palestinians displaced by demolitions throughout the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, in 2016 were Palestine refugees
Syria Palestine Refugees Humanitarian Snapshot, December 2016
The fourth quarter of 2016 continued to be marked by a sharp escalation of armed violence across the country. The situation in Aleppo deteriorated, claiming the lives of many civilians, including Palestine refugees. In Khan Eshieh, in southern Rif Damascus, direct shelling...
Cash distribution at UNRWA field office in Damascus, Syria. © 2016 UNRWA Photo by Taghrid Mohammad
This mid-year progress report covers the period January through June 2016 and provides an update on results achieved as measured against the full range of indicators included in the Syria Regional Crisis Emergency Appeal (EA) for 2016. An annual report covering the whole of...