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09 December 2015
The new school year began on 13 September 2015 in Syria. UNRWA has opened 99 schools throughout the country to provide primary education to approximately 43,000 Palestine refugee children. Out of 99 schools, 44 are UNRWA facilities and 55 are hosted in schools provided by...
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25 November 2015
The UNRWA School Parliaments: Good Practices Booklet is a compilation of good practices from UNRWA School Parliaments in all five fields of operations. The practices reflect how School Parliaments have been working to raise awareness and take action on human rights. The...
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10 November 2015
This first issue of the LMRD Quarterly Update aims at providing a glimpse on the complementary schemes to addressing the country-related challenges facing Palestine refugee youth in accessing the Lebanese labour market.
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05 November 2015
In the third quarter, UNRWA was forced to temporarily suspend operations and services in Dera’a City following a significant escalation of violence as armed confrontations prevented staff and refugees from safely accessing the UNRWA area office and other facilities...