16 March 2017
613 (38 per cent) of the 1,628 Palestinians displaced by demolitions throughout the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, in 2016 were Palestine refugees
Syria Palestine Refugees Humanitarian Snapshot, December 2016
10 March 2017
The fourth quarter of 2016 continued to be marked by a sharp escalation of armed violence across the country. The situation in Aleppo deteriorated, claiming the lives of many civilians, including Palestine refugees. In Khan Eshieh, in southern Rif Damascus, direct shelling...
Syria Palestine Refugees Humanitarian Snapshot, December 2016
20 January 2017
In Khan Eshieh camp in Rif Damascus, a truce was signed between the Government of Syria and the Armed Opposition Groups at the end of November 2016. Subsequently, an inter-agency convoy was authorized to access civilians trapped in the besieged area. On 16 December, UNRWA...
Syria Palestine refugees humanitarian snapshot, November 2016
21 December 2016
In November, the situation in Eastern Aleppo worsened and Palestinian communities in Western Aleppo and Neirab camp continued to be intermittently affected by the increasing violence. In prevision of winter and potential displacement trends, UNRWA has been prepositioning...