Strategy & Policy

The UNRWA Environmental Sustainability Policy articulates the Agency’s commitment to environmental sustainability while providing the framework and overarching principles to guide the mainstreaming of environmental sustainability considerations into all UNRWA interventions.
2020 UNRWA Photo
The Capital Investment Plan highlights UNRWA’s most pressing investment and maintenance needs. It is designed to accompany the Agency’s new Strategic Plan 2023 – 2028 and deliver on the modernization ambitions reflected in that plan.
A refugee works with his disability. ©2018 UNRWA
Ensuring that Palestine refugees with disabilities are protected and can access services is an essential part of UNRWA’s mandate. The UN General Assembly “has repeatedly encouraged the Agency to work towards addressing the needs, rights and protection of persons with...
zero tolerance for sexual exploitation and abuse
sexual exploitation and abuse is strictly prohibited and constitutes serious misconduct.
Partnerships and inter-agency coordination strategy 2018
Partnerships and inter-agency coordination are both important paths for organizations to deliver on their mandates. They have become standard across the humanitarian world as evidences by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) agenda and the "Delivering as One" process...