code of ethics

Sunday, February 25, 2024


Ethical behaviour in the workplace is essential for us to deliver effective and efficient services to beneficiaries. An unethical workplace culture will have a negative impact on everyone. Focusing on the Agency’s mission and on meeting the needs of beneficiaries is a feature of an organization that has a culture of accountability. We must advance the Agency’s mission instead of focusing on individual achievements.

In a culture of accountability, there is no expectation to have a rule for every situation. Rather, shared values guide decision-making and serve as the mor­al compass that informs our actions as new situations unfold. Ethically in­formed decision-making is facilitated by the Agency’s clear values.

We should always bear in mind that how each of us behaves will determine our relationship with beneficiaries, donors, partners and colleagues, and im­pact the Agency’s reputation overall. Even one unethical act can undermine the Agency’s mission.

Organizational culture is something that we shape together. It demonstrates who we are as an Agency, what we stand for, and how we achieve results.

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code of ethicscode ethics