UNRWA education: learning together

Sunday, January 1, 2012

UNRWA’s Education programme is undergoing a transformational change. Reforms are underway which will better place the Agency to meet the evolving demands of education system in the 21st century. These will lead to improved quality of learning for Palestine refugee students in UNRWA’s schools, Vocational Training Centres and educational faculties.

UNRWA education aspires to develop the full potential of Palestine refugees. Education is the key to socioeconomic, personal, and cultural development. It can transform children’s lives and be a foundation for strong, productive and peaceful societies.

UNRWA aims to ensure its education system supports Palestine refugee students to become “confident, innovative, questioning, thoughtful, and open-minded, to uphold human values and tolerance, proud of their Palestinian identity and contributing positively to the development of society and the global community”.