Youth Strategic Framework for Palestine Refugees in Lebanon

Friday, September 7, 2018

In 2017, UNRWA with support from UNICEF planned to strengthen its support to young Palestine refugees (PRs) in Lebanon. This support is articulated in the strategic framework below and reflects the views and needs of Palestine refugee youth in Lebanon.

The UNRWA Youth Unit in Lebanon, currently headed by a UNICEF secondee, will be responsible for providing technical guidance and support to all UNRWA LFO departments engaged with youth programming, as well as designing and implementing specific programmes, while reinforcing advocacy and strategic partnerships through external coordination.

The main focus of the UNRWA Youth Strategic Framework is to increase access to education services, improve livelihood opportunities through job creation initiatives and to increase youth empowerment, offering an innovative approach which entails the use of new technologies, innovative solutions and continuous participation and involvement of the youth.

The specific population targeted by the Youth Strategic Framework is both Palestine refugees in Lebanon (PRL) and Palestine refugees from Syria living in Lebanon (PRS) in the age range 15-24 years.

The present Strategic Framework has been developed through a consultative process that has included a desk review, internal and external consultations, a review of current and past programmes - both within UNRWA and externally - as well as throughout the process regular consultations with Palestine refugee youth in Lebanon.

This Framework, once combined with a budgeted action plan, will form the full UNRWA Youth Strategy.

youth strategic framework for palestine refugees in lebanon