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unrwa evaluation policy 2022
26 October 2022
A schoolgirl in an UNRWA school in Am’ari camp, West Bank. © 2013 UNRWA Photo by Alaa Ghohseh
This Resource Mobilization Strategy has been developed with one object in mind, to provide the resources necessary for the Agency to deliver on its mandate to Palestine refugees in all five fields of operations for the next three years, 2016-2018. It complements the Medium...
UNRWA quality assurance policy for pharmaceutical products
The purpose of this document is to provide further general technical guidance to bidders and suppliers on the Agency’s expectations of quality, safety and efficacy for pharmaceuticals and health supplies that are procured for distribution in the Agency’s destination...
A schoolgirl in Am’ari Elementary Girls’ School in the West Bank. © 2013 UNRWA Photo by Alaa Ghosheh
The Medium Term Strategy (MTS) presents the Agency’s strategic vision and objectives for its programmes and operations for the period 2016-2021, with the aim of maximizing its use of resources and the impact of UNRWA operations in serving refugees. It reaffirms the Agency’s...
A widow with two of her eight children in Jaramana camp, located near Damascus, Syria. © 2013 UNRWA Photo by Carole Alfarah
The aim of the Child Protection Framework is to outline the Agency’s intent and commitment to protect Palestine refugee children, as well as to provide a coherent approach to the diverse child protection activities being undertaken by programme departments and field offices.
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The Human Rights, Conflict Resolution, and Tolerance (HRCRT) Teacher Toolkit is a user-friendly guide for teaching human rights. The Toolkit is for all UNRWA teachers from all grades and provides them with the tools they need to teach human rights in the classroom. These...