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I am shocked at the unmeasurable scale of destruction from the tragic explosions in Beirut. We at UNRWA are very sad about the loss of lives and livelihoods and the longer term damage that such a catastrophe is likely to have on the city and its people. We wish to express our solidarity with the Lebanese people and all those who live in Lebanon and were affected by the traumatic events. Our commitment to supporting Palestine refugees within the larger context of supporting Lebanon, remains firm. 


- Philippe Lazzarini
   UNRWA Commissioner-General 



Dispatches From The Field

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Story Manal Bishr

“My sense of belonging to the UNRWA Jalil School is very strong, because I was a student there. This strongly motivated me to participate in this initiative and invite other colleagues to participate in it. Damaged to the school felt like it happened to me. The damage, albeit somewhat minor compared to the horrors of the damage to the port, is painful. 

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By: Manal Bisher


Beirut lives in us! ​

What happened in Beirut on 4 August felt like an earthquake, ripping the heart of the city apart, even affecting some UNRWA schools. I followed the explosion on social media and was shocked at the scale of the damage. A group of young Palestinians immediately started to help remove the rubble and clean the streets. How can we not do that? We, too, are the children of this wounded city 

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By: Mahmoud Al Shouni



 New hope every day​

I love to read. In books I find a wholesome  and safe world to escape to. I also love public speaking. I hope that one day I can present a speech that captures what it is like to be a Palestine refugee; to represent my people and send their message to the world with honesty and sincerity. Finally, I would love to become a lawyer - to defend people’s rights, stand up for the oppressed

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By: Dala' Al lobani



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Palestinian Institutions Answered Beirut’s Call

When the explosion occurred, I was in the camp. First, I checked on my family, neighbours, colleagues and people from the camp. The picture of what happened was not clear. Then we drove an ambulance from AMAN Medical Center to the Hotel-Dieu Hospital to receive the corpse of the Palestinian martyr Muhammad Dgheim. 

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By: Tha’er Dabdoub, Head of the AMAN Medical Association in Burj Al-Barajneh camp



Beirut does not know how to be broken

At first glance, we thought that an explosion occurred near the camp or on its borders. There were many suggestions and rumors about it and after we confirmed the information, we immediately contacted the Lebanese Civil Defense to coordinate, assist and support them in their work. We immediately set off for the port. There were forty of us he rest of the team were in 

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By: Mohammad Al-Habet, leader of the Palestinian Civil Defense, Burj Al-Barajneh regiment


Our Destinies and Suffering are one

I was on Gemayzeh street in Mar Michail, Beirut around 6 p.m. preparing my carpentry tools when I heard the first explosion. I rushed inside the shop and heard the second explosion just a few seconds later. The blast tore the iron door of shop out and it hit me in the face and I passed out. When I came to and opened my eyes , I thought the explosion was an assassination attempt

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By: Jihad Banat



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From one set back to another​

As Palestine refugees living and working in camps in Lebanon, we cannot distance ourselves from the events that impact our host country. Despite the hardship we face in refugee camps, Lebanon is still our second home, the country we grew up in. Over this past year, Lebanon has been going through the worst social, economic and health crisis 

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By: Mariam Chaar


It's Beirut Again and I'm still running for my life

It was just after 6 p.m. in a hotel in Badaro, Beirut. I was taking a short break with a friend after long hours spent filming for a show. What first felt like an earthquake quickly turned into the loud familiar sound of bombing. There was shattered glass everywhere. Together with a group of people and a bride,

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By: Chaker Khazaal



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