School Based Teacher Development (SBTD) II - Maths


The School-Based Teacher Development II (SBTD II) programme is key to UNRWA’s Education Reform Strategy. The programme seeks to improve teaching and learning practices in UNRWA classrooms through developing interactive pedagogies (ways of teaching) that will engage students of Grades 7–12 more effectively in their learning. Together, the SBTD II programme for teachers of higher grades and SBTD for teachers of Grades 1–6, are paving the way for comprehensive in-service training for all UNRWA teachers. There are six Open and Distance Learning Modules in the SBTD II programme. Each Module focuses on a different aspect of teaching and learning with a specific focus on the teaching of Maths, English, Science and Arabic for Grades 7–12. Together, the Modules, Units, Activities and Case Studies in the SBTD II programme provide an overview of many different approaches and ways of developing quality teaching and learning in all classrooms in UNRWA schools. 

The SBTD II Modules are interactive and ask you, the teacher, to reflect on your practices, to try new approaches and to consider the impact of these approaches and practices on your students’ learning and motivation. 



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