Every child has dreams for their future. Even in Gaza. Let’s help them now. This message cannot wait.


An 8-year-old child in Gaza has lived through three rounds of conflict. A year after the summer 2014 hostilities, the children of Gaza are still recovering from the nightmare. They are growing up in bleak conditions, surrounded by poverty and violence. But they still have dreams. A good education is a key to realizing their hopes for a better life. Every day, we teach 240,000 children in UNRWA schools in Gaza, where they learn, play and dream. We cannot do this without your help.

‘Hello, My name is Bayan Hanya. I’m 10 years old, from Beach refugee camp. My dream is to become a doctor and my hobby is to sing. I like freedom and I like spring.’

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UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre Krähenbühl meets the #SOS4Gaza kids on the beach in Gaza and sends out a bottle to sea. The Commissioner-General tells us that nothing is more than important than listening to hopes and dreams of the children of Gaza.
#SOS4Gaza ‘the making of’ reveals the behind the scenes of the #SOS4Gaza ‘message in a bottle’ video produced by UNRWA TV in Gaza.