Ordering digital bottle

The #SOS4Gaza ‘Message in a Bottle’ campaign aims to raise awareness about the children of Gaza’s hopes for a better future and help spread their SOS messages around the world. Coinciding with the holy month of Ramadan, the campaign will raise funds to support the education of thousands of Palestine refugee children in UNRWA schools in Gaza.

Every child has dreams for their future. Even in Gaza. Help us spread SOS messages from the children of Gaza around the world by ordering a #SOS4Gaza bottle. The proceeds will support the education of children in UNRWA schools in Gaza.

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Donations made directly to UNRWA may be tax deductible in your country of residence. If you are a taxpayer in Italy, Spain or the United States of America, you may be eligible for tax deductions when giving through the respective UNRWA national committees:

Comitato Italiano per l’UNRWA (www.unrwaitalia.org)

Comité Nacional UNRWA España (www.unrwace.org)

American Friends of UNRWA (www.unrwausa.org)

In all cases, please contact your local tax advisor for guidelines and further advice on tax deductibility options and procedures.