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On the fourth anniversary, UNRWA calls to end the conflict in Syria


UNRWA provides humanitarian and development assistance to Palestine refugees in Syria wherever they are:  in besieged areas, active conflict zones or calm regions.

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Palestine Refugees in Syria

Between 2011 and 2014, life expectancy in Syria dropped by 20 years. Currently, there is 58 per cent unemployment, four of five Syrians live in poverty, and 30 per cent are unable to meet minimum daily needs. Read more

There are 480,000 Palestine refugees remaining in Syria; 460,000, or 95 per cent, rely on UNRWA to meet their minimum daily needs. UNRWA estimates that over 280,000 Palestine refugees have been displaced inside Syria at least once. 


Dera'a region, South Syria
Active Conflict Zone
Palestine refugee population: 25,000-30,000
Aleppo region, North Syria
Active Conflict Zone
Palestine refugee population: 25,000
Qabr Essit, 15km from Damascus
calm Area
Palestine refugee population: 5,000
Girls in Qabr Essit camp, Syria

"We endure dangers every second and every moment in our lives. As soon as we leave our houses, we are endangered because there might be an explosion, an exchange of fire, or maybe a clash. We suffer all these dangers on a daily basis and all of a sudden..."- Yassir, an engineer from Dera'a

"I started working as a driver for the past two weeks, a micro-bus. The road is dangerous. There are snipers and missiles… Once as I was driving, we got hit by sniper bullets, three bullets. One of the passengers got hit and we called the ambulance to take him to the hospital…- Mahmoud, a former theater director from Aleppo

"I am happy because I could return home. I was scared because of the fighting but now I am home, back in school" - Riham in red, 4th grade

"I want to be an artist. I spend my time studying to earn my baccalaureate to become independent and help my mum" - Rahaf in pink, 7th grade

© UNRWA December 2014

A destroyed UNRWA health centre in Dera'a
UNRWA primary health centre destroyed in October 2013. The conflict in Syria started in Dera'a, which remains an area of active conflict. All Palestine refugees in the South have been affected by this, with Dera'a effectively empty. © UNRWA 2013.

The outskirts of Aleppo en route to Neirab Camp which is situated 30 km to the southeast. This is the main artery to and from Aleppo and the camp. © UNRWA December 2014.

UNRWA returned to Qabr Essit in October 2013. While the scale of destruction was overwhelming, the Agency has so far rehabilitated a school and the community centre.

UNRWA in Syria

In 2014, 470,000 Palestine refugees received cash assistance; 410,000 received food parcels; 46,385 children were enrolled in UNRWA schools; and UNRWA treated over 2,600 patients per day in its 25 health centres and health points across Syria.

UNRWA requires US$ 329 million for 2015. To date, only 0.74 per cent of these funds have been received. Read the Syria Emergency Appeal

Humanitarian Snapshot, February, 2015
Palestine refugees within Syria, 2015
UNRWA assistance to Yarmouk, 2014

Palestine refugees from Syria in the region

80,000 Palestine refugees have fled to Lebanon, Jordan and Gaza. Outside of our fields of operations, UNRWA liaises and refers cases to UNHCR and other partners to ensure refugees receive support and protection. To date, the UNRWA Syria Regional Appeal has realised 2.7% of the total requested for 2015.

Drowning of Palestinians off the coast of Sicily a 'clear and tragic sign' of untenable situation
Silent emergency: Palestine refugees from Syria in Jordan
Palestine refugees from Syria in Lebanon
Gaza © UNRWA Photo by Shareef Sarhan

According to latest reports, as many as nine Palestinians drowned off the coast of Sicily on 4 March. They were amongst 59 Palestinians who were part of a larger group trying to reach Europe from the shores of Libya. Read more

Palestine refugees from Syria describe their tenuous refuge in Jordan where lack of legal status, unemployment and fear of forced return compound the hardship of their temporary displacement.

Three years into the conflict in Syria more than 51,000 Palestine refugees have fled to Lebanon, where they live in a very uncertain and unsecure environment.

The human gains that UNRWA has helped Palestinians achieve in Syria over the last six decades are being quickly eroded by the conflict. Although the situation remains desperate, there is still hope of reversing these devastating losses. Listen to these Palestine refugee teenagers from Syria in the video below. They brim with positive energy and determination. With your support, we can continue to help them secure a productive future.

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