Living in contested areas, facing high poverty rates and experiencing tenuous living conditions in Lebanon and Jordan, the 560,000 Palestine refugees of Syria have suffered greatly in the crisis over the last five years. The timeline below tells their story through a humanitarian lens.

The Palestine refugees of Syria


For #RememberUs, Imad Eddin Hettini composed ‘Nostalgia’ and ‘Hope’ two companion oud pieces that reveal his contrasting feelings about the conflict. ‘Nostalgia’ is a beautiful lamentation, which touches upon sadness, fear and anger. In contrast, ‘Hope’ is an energetic bid for peace and a reflection of inner resilience. It echoes Imad’s desire to rekindle hope in his community.

A lute player, composer, conductor and music teacher at the UNRWA Sahnaya al-Muhdatheh al-Thaletheh Alternative School in Rif Damascus, Imad finds refuge in music. "Music is divine and has a unique effect on the spirit… It is the first thing I turn to whenever I am feeling sad, happy or disappointed." Imad uses music to help children and communities cope with and recover from trauma.  

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Facts & Figures

510,000 of the 560,000 Palestine refugees who were registered with UNRWA in Syria at the onset of the crisis rely on the Agency for emergency assistance
430,000 out of the 450,000 Palestine refugees estimated to remain in Syria rely on UNRWA food and cash assistance to meet their minimum needs
38 % of the total number of Palestinian refugee families from Syria who have fled to Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt are headed by women
US$ 414 million is what UNRWA is appealing for to support Palestine refugees in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan in 2016! Donate now, every dollar counts.
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