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“Part of the EUR 2.45 million contribution from Belgium will go towards supporting the Agency’s mobile mental health programme, which targets vulnerable Bedouin communities in the West Bank. © 2013 UNRWA Photo by Alaa Ghosheh”
11 January 2016
The Kingdom of Belgium has made a generous contribution of EUR 2.45 million to UNRWA in support of the Agency’s services for Palestine refugees in the occupied Palestinian territory
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Khaled Mohammed Al Jalous and his wife Etimad Shukri AlJalous are signing the undertaking for their new home in the Khan Younis Rehousing Project.  Gaza - photo credit: © UNRWA 2015. Photo by Khalil Adwan.
03 June 2015
As part of its regular commitment to serving Palestine refugees in Gaza, UNRWA is in the process of allocating the newly built 449 housing units in the Khan Younis Rehousing Project to selected refugee families
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2015 UNRWA photo
01 May 2015
US$ 1.37 million in funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through KfW Development Bank and the Japanese Government, available as first instalment for supporting home repairs of severe damages, will reach 388 refugee families across the Gaza Strip next week. They will...
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08 January 2015
UNRWA protects and assists Palestine refugees in its fields of operation – the Gaza Strip, West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria – including during armed conflict and occupation. We do so in accordance with well-established humanitarian principles, including impartiality and neutrality, as well as international law.
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Bahrain Stands With Gaza
12 August 2014
The Royal Charity Organisation (RCO) of Bahrain has pledged $5.5 million to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for reconstruction efforts in the heavily damaged Gaza Strip. In a separate agreement $200,000 worth of urgent essential supplies will also be provided by RCO through UNRWA for Palestinians...
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Updated Gaza Flash Appeal
Gaza Situation Report 23
01 August 2014
There are 86 UNRWA emergency shelters, housing 225,178 IDPs, an increase of 10 per cent in 24 hours
Emergency Reports
Gaza Situation Report 22
30 July 2014
Since last night, over 200,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) are sheltered in 85 UNRWA schools.
Emergency Reports
Gaza Situation Report 21
29 July 2014
The number of displaced people in UNRWA schools now exceeds 182,604 in 82 schools.
Emergency Reports
Gaza Situation Report 20
29 July 2014
The number of displaced people in UNRWA schools now exceeds 170,461 in 82 schools.
Emergency Reports