They will never be forgotten: Dr. Sirin Mohammed al-Attar

(1984 - 2023)

We honour the late Dr. Sirin Mohammed Al Attar (1984-2023), a dedicated UNRWA gynecologist who was tragically killed in al-Bureij camp on 11 October, during the war in the Gaza Strip. 

Dr. Sirin was a highly accomplished medical professional, holding Arab, Jordanian, and Palestinian Board Certifications in Obstetrics and Gynecology. She graduated from Al-Quds University's Faculty of Medicine in the Class of 2008. 

As a mother of three daughters, she balanced her professional and personal life with grace. During her time with UNRWA in Gaza, she was renowned for her generosity, deep love for her work and the care and affection she extended to her patients, offering unwavering support to them.  

“She was one of the best, most wonderful and most humane doctors I have met and dealt with,” recalls Dr. Ghada al-Jadba,  Chief Field UNRWA Health Programme in Gaza  

The loss of Dr. Sirin is felt not only by her family and friends, but also by her patients who held a special place in her heart. Her colleagues in the UNRWA Health Department and the Agency at large share in the grief of her passing, as she leaves a void that will be deeply felt.