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31 July 2009
UNRWA is confident that the children of Gaza have shattered the Guinness Book of World Record title for the number of kites flying simultaneously in the same place.
30 July 2009
Media invitation to witness a world record attempt for kite flying.
20 July 2009
Ali likes drawing - everything. Trees and flowers, houses with happy families inside, gifts for Eiyad (Islamic celebrations), children playing in colorful parks. He does not draw from life. Al Tanf is a camp devoid of greenery and gifts.
01 July 2009
School has ended in Gaza, and the school children now face two and a half months of summer holiday. However, for many children in Gaza, unable to leave the confines of Gaza and with few facilities for activities available, the summer holidays are a time of boredom and...
12 June 2009
Celebrated on June 12 each year, the World Day Against Child Labour calls the world’s attention to the plight of millions of girls and boys around the world who are victims of child labour. It highlights the dangers and hazards faced by children who work at an early age,...
03 June 2009
Face Your Fears to Conquer Them – a motto for life that young Samer, a nine-year-old boy from Jabalia Camp in northern Gaza, was not able to embrace after witnessing a number of traumatic events in his young life.
15 April 2009
‘During spring and early summer the Syrian countryside blossoms. From the rolling hills in its northern limits to its vast southern plains, Syrian countryside is covered in a wash of colour,’ says Lubna, a young UNRWA teacher, to her class of eight to ten year olds.
12 March 2009
As part of Syria’s celebration of International Women’s Day, the Syrian Authority for Family Affairs yesterday hosted a conference at the Syrian Opera House on the subject of the status of Palestinian refugee women under international humanitarian law.
09 March 2009
Students at the Marka and Zarqa schools in Jordan this week put their best artistic skills into action in support of UNIFEM's campaign against violence against women, and to express their ideas and feelings about the issue.
01 February 2009
Few could not have been moved by the shocking images and reports of the grave humanitarian situation in Gaza that emerged following Israel’s three week offensive.