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31 December 2008
My children and I were very frightened by the sound of the airplanes and the bombings, so we decided to stay a few nights with my husband's family.
02 March 2008
Have you ever lived knowing this moment might be your last? Each day in Gaza, we live with this reality.
21 February 2008
All around the world there are people, and organizations, who believe in human rights. Are we in Gaza included in the group of "human beings", or are we excluded from the ranks of those who should enjoy such rights?
05 February 2008
I have to admit I’m addicted to apples. But with Gaza under siege, fruit isn’t allowed into Gaza… and I can’t feed my addiction.
15 January 2008
Two complete days without electricity or water. My kids are bored, and I’ve run out of ideas to make them have fun.