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02 May 2012
With a strong voice, full of hope and life, fourth-grade student Karim Al Aklouk has broken down the barriers imposed on him, both by his visual impairment and by living in the Gaza Strip. Ever since he was a toddler, he loved to sing: “I used to use a bottle to make...
18 March 2012
One thousand children attending UNRWA schools in Gaza have flown kites in a symbolic show of support or “kizuna” the Japanese word for solidarity, with the children of Japan and victims of the earthquake and tsunami a year ago.
07 March 2012
The youngest of seven children, ten-year-old Nour's family was too poor to afford her birth certificate. With no proof of birth, she couldn’t go to school with her friends.
05 March 2012
Braving cold winds, rain, and the occasional muscle cramp, close to 2,000 runners – from children to professional athletes – participated in the Gaza Marathon, a fundraiser for Palestine refugee children in the Gaza Strip.
31 January 2012
“It’s my right to have a decent and healthy house. It is my right to live in dignity.” Ten year-old Aya reads these words in her human rights textbooks as she prepares for exams.
11 January 2012
“If you ask any Palestinian family what is their aim in life, nine times out of ten it would be to educate their children,” explained Dr. Sam Shahin, a Palestine refugee now living in Australia.
23 December 2011
Hundreds of UNRWA students gathered last week at a school in Nablus to participate in a closing celebration of “EU-UNRWA Days”, a programme that exposed Palestine refugee students to European culture and history.
23 December 2011
Three years ago during Operation Cast Lead, 13-year-old Loay Soboh and his family took shelter in an UNRWA school in Gaza. After 15 days in the school, his brother took him home to collect some clothes for the rest of the family. Terrified, Loay ran back to the school for...
15 December 2011
Today, UNRWA held the first Child and Family Forum at Amman’s Sheraton Hotel. The forum was opened by Dr Abdullah Al-Smeirat, Assistant Secretary General of Ministry of Social Development.
14 December 2011
“I often felt that football was limited to boys,” said Ayda Nidal. “But UNRWA has given us the opportunity to practise football.” The 14-year-old girl and other children living in the Jenin refugee camp are now able to play in a football field restored by UNRWA through a...