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09 December 2011
Each year on 10 December, Human Rights Day marks the anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948. To mark Human Rights Day, we asked students in UNRWA schools: What do human rights mean to you?
08 December 2011
“Who is the most important person inside this room?” asked capoeira instructor Daniel Vallejo. “Me!” yelled the group of children from Jalazone refugee camp in reply. Bidna Capoeira launched new activities in the West Bank yesterday with support from the Brazilian...
26 November 2011
Hundreds of Palestinian refugee students from United Nations schools formed Picasso's 'Peace Dove' and 'love all' at the foot of the Mount of Temptation in Jericho. The event was a partnership with international artist John Quigley and was supported by UNRWA and Project...
25 November 2011
This evening Realmadrid Foundation and UNRWA have signed a partnership agreement to promote sports programmes in UNRWA schools that will contribute to improving the lives of Palestine refugee children in the Middle East.
27 October 2011
The Deputy Consul General of Spain Javier Gutierrez yesterday joined the children of Shu’fat camp in an animals muppet show at the Shu’fat camp services committee centre.
21 September 2011
For the second consecutive year, UNRWA and UNICEF distributed today back-to-school kits to Palestine refugee school children in UNRWA schools in Lebanon.
25 August 2011
The Commissioner-General presented the Foreign Minister with drawings from children in the Gaza Strip in support and solidarity with the people of Japan following the tragic earthquake and tsunami of March this year.
22 August 2011
Thrilled and excited, some 680 UNRWA students gathered with their parents and teachers at Jaffa school in Neirab camp, Aleppo, to celebrate the conclusion of their summer camp on 28 July. Under the theme ‘Let’s play,have fun
21 July 2011
More than 100 children from UNRWA schools participated in an art workshop on 26 June at Amman New Camp Preparatory Girls’ School, to express their support for the people of Japan in the wake of the devastating tsunamis.
14 July 2011
This week saw the launch of UNRWA’s West Bank summer camps, sponsored by the European Union. In addition to the regular fun activities, this year the camps will introduce children to the European continent and its various cultures.