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Ceremony for Mothers of Children with Disabilities
11 July 2013
After a four-day camp for children with disabilities, organized in Ramallah by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) in partnership with local community-based rehabilitation centres (CBRCs), a ceremony was held to honour...
14 May 2013
Snap. Pop. Snap. Bits of colorful limestone and granite scatter about the worktable as two young women clinch their wrenches, breaking bits of the stones for their most recent mosaic creation.
25 April 2013
"Who would have thought that recycling can make such a difference? I can’t thank UNRWA enough for changing my little boy's life”, said the mother of 7-year-old Hadi El Khatib, a resident of Ein El Hilweh refugee camp,
07 March 2013
Fifty hearing aids have been distributed to young hearing-impaired Palestine refugees at a specialized centre in Gaza thanks to the Royal Charity Organization of Bahrain (RCO).
31 August 2012
Two Palestine refugees from the Gaza Strip are in London this week to compete in the Paralympic Games. In addition to honouring their country, they aim to change the image of people with disabilities both in Gaza and abroad.
16 August 2012
After discovering a soft tissue mass in her left leg in 2003, Fatmah was scheduled for surgery after surgery. But with a shortage of local expertise to treat her condition, and her family living in poverty, her health care options were limited.
02 May 2012
With a strong voice, full of hope and life, fourth-grade student Karim Al Aklouk has broken down the barriers imposed on him, both by his visual impairment and by living in the Gaza Strip. Ever since he was a toddler, he loved to sing: “I used to use a bottle to make...
21 February 2012
Brimming with self-confidence, Iman’s hands race between gestures as she shares her thoughts with classmates without speaking. Resisting the limits imposed by her disability, the 24-year-old woman uses sign language to communicate with fellow students at UNRWA’s Gaza...