Where We Work

More than 2 million registered Palestine refugees live in Jordan. Most Palestine refugees in Jordan, but not all, have full citizenship. There are ten recognized Palestine refugee camps throughout the country, which accommodate nearly 370,000 Palestine refugees, or 18 per cent of the country total. Jordan hosts the largest number of Palestine refugees of all of the UNWRA fields. Nearly ten thousand Palestine refugees from Syria (PRS) have sought assistance from UNRWA in Jordan. The majority of them are believed to suffer from abject poverty and live in a precarious legal status. UNRWA is working to accommodate PRS children in its schools and to provide relief and health care to those in need. Read more about the rapid socio-economic study of the effects of covid-19 on palestine refugees in jordan Read more about the socio-economic conditions of Palestinian refugees in Jordan Read more about Palestine refugees from Syria in Jordan Facts & figures 2,272,411 registered Palestine refugees Ten official camps 169 schools, with 118,296 students One Faculty of Science and Educational Arts Two vocational and technical training centres 25 primary health centres Ten community-based rehabilitation centres 14 women’s programme centres Figures as of 31 December 2019


We provide services in 10 Palestine refugee camps in Jordan. UNRWA does not administer or police the camps, as this is the responsibility of the host authorities.