Mieh Mieh Camp

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Mieh Mieh refugee camp is located south of the city of Saida. The camp was established in 1954 and extends over an area of 54,000 sq m.  The camp survived a series of major events in 1982, when the Israeli invasion destroyed many of the camp’s shelters. These shelters were not rebuilt and alternative shelters were built instead along the southern border of the camp. This section is not an official part of the camp and is known as the Wadi sector. The camp suffered further damage in July of 1991 due to clashes between Palestinian militant groups and the Lebanese army.

The ongoing Syria crisis has also led to an influx of Syrian refugees and Palestinian Refugees from Syria (PRS) in the camp.


We provide services in 12 Palestine refugee camps in Lebanon. UNRWA does not administer or police the camps, as this is the responsibility of the host authorities.

Quick Facts

Refugees in camps

  • There are 5,747 UNRWA registered persons in the camp as of June 2018*

*This figure does not claim to represent the actual number present in the country as, for example, Palestine refugees may have left over the years and UNRWA does not track the habitual movement of refugees out of its fields of operation.

Official camps

  • Mieh Mieh camp was established in 1954 south of Saida.
  • In 1982, many of the camp’s shelters were destroyed during the Israel invasion of south Lebanon.
Unrwa In Mieh Mieh Camp


  • There is one UNRWA school in the camp, which provides basic education for more than 400 students.

Health Centre

  • There is one health centre in the camp that opens three and a half days per week.
  • The average number of patients visiting the clinic is 80 patients per day.