Mieh Mieh Camp

The Mieh Mieh camp, 4km east of Sidon, was established in 1954.

Woman holding baby

Refugees in Mieh Mieh generally came from Saffourieh, Tiereh, Haifa and Miron in Palestine.

The camp suffered considerable damage during the years of civil conflict, particularly in July 1991 when 15 per cent of its shelters were destroyed, along with UNRWA's school and distribution centre.

The socio-economic situation of the refugees is extremely difficult. Men find work as casual labourers in construction sites and in orchards. Women work in orchards, in embroidery workshops and as cleaners.

The water and sewerage systems were recently rehabilitated, and all shelters are now supplied with water through a network connected to UNRWA’s water plant. However, due to frequent water shortages, another well is needed.

  • More than 5,250 registered refugees
  • Two schools
  • One part-time health centre
  • Demographic profile:
    Graph of Mieh Mieh's demographic profile
Programmes in the camp
  • Health
  • Education
  • Social safety-net
  • Disability
Major problems
  • Difficult socio-economic conditions
  • Frequent water shortages


We provide services in 12 Palestine refugee camps in Lebanon. UNRWA does not administer or police the camps, as this is the responsibility of the host authorities.
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