Deir 'Ammar Camp

Deir 'Ammar camp is located 20 kilometres northwest of Ramallah. It is situated in a predominantly rural area, close to the village of Deir 'Ammar. The accessibility of Israeli and local job markets has brought relative economic stability to the camp.

Deir 'Ammar refugee camp. © 2015 UNRWA Photo by Dominiek Benoot

Deir 'Ammar refugee camp. © 2015 UNRWA Photo by Dominiek Benoot

Under the Oslo Accords, the camp is located in Area B under joint Israeli and Palestinian control. Although there are several Israeli settlements in the area, all of which are illegal under international law, these are situated away from the camp and are accessed by separate roads. As a result, clashes between Israeli settlers and camp residents are uncommon.

Deir 'Ammar camp is more spacious than most of the West Bank refugee camps, with residents enjoying access to public spaces such as parks and a sports field. Challenges nevertheless exist in relation to sewerage and street quality, while its relative geographical isolation poses transportation difficulties for some residents.

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We provide services in 19 Palestine refugee camps in the West Bank. UNRWA does not administer or police the camps, as this is the responsibility of the host authorities.

Quick Facts

Refugees in camps

  • They originate from the Jaff¬a, Lydd, and Ramleh areas 
  • There are 3,682* Palestine Refugees registered in the camp as of 2022

    * This figure does not claim to represent the actual number of Palestine Refugees present in the camp but merely the number of Palestine Refugees registered with UNRWA in the camp

Official camps

  • Deir 'Ammar camp was established in 1949
  • It covers .162 sq km, with an estimated population density of 15,432 per sq km
Unrwa In Deir 'Ammar Camp


  • Two schools serve over 700 students 

Health Centre

  • One health centre provides primary health care, including reproductive health, infant and child care, immunizations, screening and medical check-ups and treatment