Advisory Commission

The Advisory Commission was created by UN Resolution 302 (IV) on 8 December 1949. It is tasked with advising and assisting the Commissioner-General of UNRWA in carrying out the Agency’s mandate. Consisting of four members when it was first created, today the Advisory Commission (AdCom) is made up of 29 Members and 4 Observers.

Advisory Commission Meetings

The AdCom meets twice a year, usually in June and November, to discuss issues of importance to UNRWA, striving to reach consensus and provide advice and assistance to the Commissioner-General of the Agency.

Members and Observers meet more regularly through the Sub-Committee of the Advisory Commission, where they aim to assist the Advisory Commission in fulfilment of its guidance to the Commissioner-General.


For questions concerning the Advisory Commission Meeting, please contact the AdCom Support Officer, Ms. Rasha Amad, at [email protected]