World Teachers' Day

Palestine refugee children, like all children, have the right to education, but the COVID-19 pandemic has added another challenge for them in accessing this right. UNRWA have been determined to continue education services for Palestine refugee children, as well as the provision of TVET courses, building on the strengths of its seven-decade education system and drawing on its renowned Education in Emergencies approach, ensuring the children's well-being, health and hygiene and safety. 

Teachers have made remote learning possible. They have worked with colleagues to follow up on psycho-social wellbeing of students and have been central in empowering students to follow healthy and safe practices and behaviours. Today, we celebrate their dedication and honour the thousands of UNRWA teachers across the region who have played a central role in making sure that despite the COVID 19 pandemic no Palestine refugee child is left behind!  

In the same way that teachers have a responsibility for the children, the Agency has a responsibility for the teachers. UNRWA Is committed to continue its support to teachers. 


" We, therefore, mark this World Teachers’ Day, a day which was first celebrated in 1994 by UNESCO to commemorate the 1966 UNESCO/ILO Recommendation on the Status of Teachers, with a theme that recognises your work over these last months. This year’s theme, ‘Teachers: Leading in Crisis, Reimagining the Future’, reflects the challenging times that all of us in education, and especially yourselves, have faced and continue to face." ... more

   - Dr. Caroline Pontefract, UNRWA Director of Education

    Letter to Teachers on the occasion of World Teachers' Day 2020


World Teachers' Day Highlights: Educator Stories    



Rising to Meet The Challenge: Hazar’s story

“While the magnitude of the COVID-19 crisis is unprecedented, I looked at the lessons learnt in neighbouring countries at the start of the pandemic and developed my own alternative teaching strategy in cooperation with my students.  There was a lot of uncertainty regarding closing of the schools to avoid the spread of COVID-19 in Syria. We didn’t know
hether schools would remain open or not,”

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Success in a challenge: Mustafa’s story ​

“Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis and the closure of schools in Lebanon, we’ve engaged in distance learning, through the UNRWA Self-Learning Programme. We’ve been using educational materials specifically developed by the Agency to support student learning during this pandemic,” says Mustafa Mustafa, a mathematics teacher in Nahr el-Bared camp.

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Education During COVID-19: Coping with the pandemic in Jordan, Samar Nazzal’s story

The numbers are unprecedented, the implications enormous. As the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the globe, a majority of countries announced temporary closure of schools, impacting more than 91 per cent of students worldwide. Never before have so many children been out of school  

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World Teachers' Day Highlights: Video clips from the Field   

Syria Field

Jordan Field

Lebanon Field


Gaza Field


West Bank Field